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Working From A Co-working Space In Cyprus : What You Need To Know About It ?

A co-working space can be defined as sharing a neutral working space by individuals or teams from different companies to work on independent or group projects, in a bid to save costs by sharing amenities like a receptionist, Wi-Fi, printers, conference room, and sometimes coffee makers.

With the increase in freelancers and independent contractors searching for a coworking space in Cyprus, the need to educate the public on this new trend in working space has become imperative. In the next paragraph, this article will consider things you need to know about before joining a co-working space.

Types of Co-working Spaces

Before joining any co-working space, you must, first of all, consider the type that will be beneficial for your growth both professionally and socially. Here are the two common types of spaces,

Open Co-working Space

From sharing, communicating, and learning to the flexibility and freedom of an open co-working space. This space helps you enjoy everything that comes with being your own boss. It allows you to socialize and work with people from different companies and fields at a very low cost.

Specialised Co-working Space

This space tends to cater to people from a particular field or sector. Here you get to be part of a community that shares the same goals and interests but individually works on different projects. The community this space creates makes it easy to learn and share ideas with experienced professionals from your field at no extra cost.

Benefits Of Co-working Spaces

Coworing spaces allow you to be flexible with your time and accommodation, especially if you like traveling and working.

  • It gives you a community and saves you from working in boredom and isolation.
  • It gives you the opportunity to tap into the energy of others to motivate yourself.
  • It creates room for networking and the unlimited opportunities that come with it.


Cyprus is a big country, so when weighing your options on a co-working space, factors like locations, working environment, amenities, terms and conditions of the lease, and community should be put into consideration as this will intentionally affect your productivity rate. For more information, check

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