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Why social media has boosted businesses

More businesses are turning to social media apps to help them gain new customers and to also keep their existing customers interested in what they have to offer. Social media adverts have become a key part of marketing for many different businesses due to there being so many people visiting different social media platforms each day. Most of us will visit social media platforms during the period of the day to see what our friends our family members are up to along with many other reasons. Social media platforms have become a crucial part of any business with most people around the world spending a lot of time on social media which has led businesses to turn to social media adverts due to them being able to branch out to millions of new potential customers across the various social media platforms. An industry that has benefited a lot from social media adverts is the online casinos with a list of new sites promoting adverts across social media channels to branch out to potential new customers. The gambling industry used the pandemic to its benefit with a lot of people scrolling through social media at home to keep themselves occupied and this is where social media adverts come into place due to so many people being on the different platforms it was a good time to start up social media adverts.

Social media platforms were at a record high during the pandemic with lockdowns causing a large surge in users heading to social media to help them pass the time by whilst having a lot more spare time at home. More companies are now using social media adverts to target customers due to so many people using social media platforms each day. Social media apps are some of the most downloaded across the different app stores with thousands of people downloading different forms of social media apps each day. The good thing about social media adverts is that companies can tailor them to suit the exact type of pf customer they would like to promote their business to with them being able to change age ranges, target locations and add in peoples interests to make sure that they are promoting adverts to the right type of potential customers. A lot more industries are looking to now get involved with social media platforms due to the huge profits that they can make from them.

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