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What’s Changed About SEO? Five Trends Any SEO Company Will Highlight

The very first search engine launched in the early ‘90s, and while many sites were hoping to be seen at that point, SEO didn’t officially begin until much later in the decade. At the time, it was a very new idea, and it was incredibly driven by directories. Things today have changed quite a bit since those early days, and they continue to shift on a regular basis. These shifts and trends are one of the biggest reasons so many organizations choose to work with an SEO company to meet their optimization needs. Just understanding what’s changed over the past few years, though, is a good way to help find the right professional SEO company to meet yours. What trends have emerged recently that might be important to your company? These three are options almost every SEO company UK expert will quickly suggest.

  • Search Engines Care About User Intent: Even the best SEO company will tell you that search engines like Google are serious about user intent. This means that individuals start with a specific goal in mind. For example, they might be looking for general information about a given topic. They might also be looking for information related to a certain keyword. Those websites that meet the needs of a user’s intent are going to be those that rank more highly. What that means for individuals trying to optimise their sites, then, is that traditional best practices may no longer be important. It was once held, for instance, that keyword rich meta descriptions on every single page mattered extensively. Today, though, it’s far more important to understand what might be happening with search intent. Google is only going to get better at identifying sites that can offer expert advice on a given topic over those that can only offer generalizations, so if you really want to stay at the top of the game, you’ll have to provide the best possible information to users, not just search engines. Simple steps like ensuring a faster load time and making sure customers don’t have to work to complete a purchase or find the right content are key to search intent.
  • Search Engines Care About Customer Retention: It seems a bit strange that Google might care whether customers stick with you, but that’s a piece of the puzzle these days. Any Ecommerce SEO company will tell you that Google is evolving to not only provide you with the best one-time results, but also to make sure that you’ll be happy beyond that initial purchase. Soon, they’ll want to know how well you understand your customer and provide them with exactly what they want on every single visit. Why does the search engine care? Doing so means that they’ll turn to that search engine again and again for advice on what works, and that means a more valuable relationship for everyone involved.
  • Search Engines Care About More Than Your Website: Any local SEO company today will tell you that Google has started to care about far more than one website. Instead, they’ve started looking at your entire web presence. From your Google My Business listing to your YouTube channel to the images you’re putting out on your social media feeds, the trend now is to offer customers legitimate matches to their queries, and given that Google already has so much access to both user and business data, they’re doing just that with knowledge graphs and much more. For you, that means reaching beyond keyword frequency and toward things like natural language processing, claiming your knowledge panel, and setting up your My Business profile.

If you’re looking for an SEO company, London offers so many different choices, but the one you select to meet your needs should be the one that understands it’s not the late ‘90s anymore. Better meta tags may be the focus of your current technical SEO company, but they’re not what’s going to get you to page one these days. Instead, it’s going to take a careful look at the trends by the best SEO company London has to offer and applying those trends to everything you do online.

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