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Various ways to cook potatoes

Potatoes are full of energy and have a delicious flavor. This is a favorite thigh side dish for any household cook. However, you will eventually get bored with the same method so why not try something new and the same is delicious?

Potatoes have so far the most delicious when they are made into chips. Why? They not only get crispy addictive sense but they are easiest to make and eaten. This will be a favorite for everyday family.

Baked potatoes need a little longer to cook but worth the wait. You can also decide different cuts for potatoes. Wedges are the best because the outside will be crisp and full of flavor when the spices are added, and the inside will be soft and hot.

You can also drop a few potatoes into your stews, curry, and broth. Pati is also quite useful if you accidentally put too much salt into the sauce. Because of bland potatoes, they absorb excessive salt that is not needed.

Have you ever tried making Gnocchi? That’s a good thing they are easy to make. First, you have to boil potatoes in the water until it’s really cooked and soft. Mash them and then mix mash with flour and eggs. After you finish this step, you can roll a mixture of mixed mixture on a fork and there is your professional gnocchi.

Mashed potatoes are beautiful side dishes to have. The good of the cream complements any main food because it doesn’t have a prominent taste. After boiling and pounding it, you need to put mash into the pan and add milk, nutmeg and salt. You will not believe how good it feels.

Their items. You can put cheese, mushrooms, beans or whatever you like in baked potatoes. It becomes a complete food itself because all other minerals and proteins are used to make dishes.

Before eating or cooking with potatoes, you must remember to wash it properly. Because it contains so much starch, it can drastically change the taste you mean for your dish. Soak in water after you peel it and it will remove the unwanted starch. After that you are free to cook your heart’s desire.

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