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Today’s computer and technology

Computers play an important role everyday life people especially at work, school and even at home. The first twenty century is so much age technological advancements intended to make people’s lives better. Computers help them become more efficient in their work.

Computer technology in banking:

Technology has made our lives easy and comfortable, for example our banking needs. Previously people need to maintain important data of their customers manually. But now, in just one click, they will be able to find all customer data instantly. Customers can find out about their account transactions by entering the bank website. In addition, it is possible to apply for loans online.

Improved computer technology:

Computer technology has improved our lifestyle much better than before. Because of the advent of internet and technology, the world has shrunk to the global village. Although the progress of the Internet creates new challenges such as computer problems and virus threats, computer technology such as antivirus software that is easy to overcome this problem.

Computers in the food industry:

Automation and computerization in food processing units face many challenges if they are used the effects of the nearest water disaster on any computer system. Most food processing units prefer waterproof computers to protect their computer systems from soaking wet in the production area.

Computers in the medical field:

Hospitals are important organizations and computers used for hospital management. The accounting system, payroll and stock of hospitals has been computerized in recent days. We can maintain different drug records, distribution and use in different environments, etc. Use a computer. Even this disease can be diagnosed by incorporating patient symptoms. In addition, various computerized devices are used in laboratories for various blood tests etc.

Computers on Agriculture:

At present the agricultural industry also utilizes computers. The analysis taken several years earlier showed that 44% of farmers in Ohio used computers for various purposes. In 1991, only 32% of farmers used it. This shows that there is a large increase in farmers who use computers. When the internet becomes a communication tool, most farmers use the progress of this technology for transaction processing or to retrieve information. The analysis shows that of the total farmers surveyed, 80% of them use the Internet.

Computer in Education:

Because of the globalization of education, so many challenges are generated by new trends. To deal with all these challenges, information technology in the education sector is very important. It is very important that students become familiar with the concept and use of information technology to equip them for future labor markets. Similarly, faculties can achieve better quality in teaching methodologies. Computer technology has developed in many fields. The drastic development has created a big impact in almost all fields and thus leads to a new era.

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