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The Rise of GPS Wearables

The GPS product industry has seen unprecedented growth in 2021, as part of the continued rise of wearable smart tech. From the creation of the Apple Watch in 2015, and the Fitbit activity tracker in 2014, wearable tech has become more affordable and commonplace within day to day life. As technology has increasingly gotten smaller, smart tech has taken on an array of uses which it was not at first designed for. In 2020, the global GPS market was worth £1.2 billion, this figure is expected to more than double by 2028. This growth furthers the understanding that GPS trackers are not simply useful for tracking supercars and vehicle fleets, they can play a vital role in helping relatives and loved ones.

The discrete nature of GPS wearables has made them an excellent companion for elderly loved ones, particularly individuals with Alzheimers. GPS wearables allow family members to have the ultimate peace of mind, as they can have access to the location of their loved ones’ whereabouts. One unfortunate side effect of Alzheimers and other dementia is wandering. As these diseases cause forgetfulness and confusion, wandering happens to 6 in 10 people who suffer with Alzheimers. Those suffering with Alzheimers can feel a sudden need to leave or go home, during this journey they can forget their route and end up getting lost.

With their use becoming more common, GPS trackers are becoming more accessible in price, with businesses like Online Spy Shop providing exceptional value for money. Devices also now come with longer battery life, meaning less charging time and more usage.

GPS wearables have also become more pertinent as we live in a post pandemic world. With most people unable to visit family members, the most vulnerable people among us had the most isolating experience, as care was reduced and family visits revoked. GPS wearables can help both carers and the vulnerable person feel more connected and safe when apart. This not only gives peace of mind to family members, but also the individuals whose lives are affected by the disease.

Modern GPS wearables also come with the ability to download data, as journeys are automatically stored and downloadable onto computer software. This allows family members to see patterns in locations their family members go, enabling them to preemptively stop them from wandering. Most GPS trackers also now come with the ability to set up a geofence. If the tracker leaves a set location drawn on a map, a predefined phone number will immediately be contacted. This can enable family members to quickly identify a case of wandering and go help their loved one.

GPS wearables are not only beneficial for elderly people, but also for children. As trackers are so small and compact, they can be kept in a child’s backpack throughout the day at school, giving peace of mind not only to parents but also to the child.

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