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The importance of strategic marketing board in the management of the seller marketing

There are two types of strategic marketing advice. The first is the development of strategic marketing plans, including the development of products and services, the pricing strategy, distribution and possibly the highest profile, promotion and advertising.

The second type of strategic marketing board is more focused on marketing management. Not the development of the marketing strategy, but the management of implementation. This is often where the biggest investment lies for targeted marketing organizations.

The first can be defined simplisticly as an effectiveness – develop marketing strategies and plans to effectively provide business growth goals. The second concerns the effectiveness of marketing, develop implementation processes, structures and agreements to maximize the effectiveness of marketing investment while minimizing waste, duplication and costs.

Of course, efficiency efficiency is not useless. There is no more and more effective point at the expense of efficiency. But the same, a pure focus on efficiency without constantly monitoring and improving efficiency means reduce the returns of this investment.

An article by Harvard Business Review July-August 2005 showed that the company’s strategy represented only 60% of implementation, as was often focusing on strategic development and not the implementation process. The same is true for the implementation of the marketing strategy, many organizations under the inefficiencies in the process due to poor process management.

Although there has been an increased concentration in this area with many supply functions within organizations targeting marketing expenses to attract particular attention, which is often not more than a reduction in costs rather only increased efficiency at the expense of efficiency.

The Strategic Marketing Council goes beyond the first marketing stages of purchases and uses as a foundation of the strategic requirements of the marketing plan. Rather than just looking at suppliers committed from a purchase or supply, the approach is to adopt a strategic vision of marketing requirements, and then align external and internal resources to best meet the best. These needs.

After establishing the strategic marketing structure, it is then a question of engaging the different suppliers in the most efficient way possible to focus the results with the marketing and organization requirements in the marketing strategy.

The type and number of suppliers will depend on the requirements of the Marketing and Financial Investment Strategy respectively. The type of commitment will depend on the role of their suppliers and the level of strategic importance in providing the marketing plan and the defined results. This will vary by the brand, the market and the category according to the strategic requirements.

This approach to the Strategic Marketing Council provides a model of efficiency and a perfectly aligned plan on the marketing strategy to ensure that efficiency and efficiency are provided.

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