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Super foods that are easily cooked and eaten every day

Super foods contain lots of nutrients, naturally and people are encouraged to eat them every day. This term refers to food that has important elements in legitimate proportions. If included in your diet, they can improve your family’s health. The beauty with this food is that they are available and affordable but many people don’t know the benefits.

Four foods begin to be included in your daily diet

1. Peanuts – Peanuts are very nutritious and dried food, they are easily stored. They are super-rich protein foods that will be favored by the family. At present, nutritionists recommend that people have three times the intake of beans up to two thirds. That is, if you cook beans once a week, you now have to cook and take it three times a week. They are not just a substitute for affordable meat, but they are also very rich in water and fiber. They make someone feel long and therefore, they can be used by people who want to lose weight. Because they have very low sugar levels, they prevent blood sugar soar and make you feel hungry. A cup of cooked beans has around 12 grams of fiber and it is only half of the suggested daily intake for adults.

2. Dark green leafy vegetables – Kale is the winner here. It has many fiber and water content. Nutritionists call it super food that is undervalued. You can grow yourself if you have a park or you can buy it cheaply at a grocery store. It is also easy to cook because it can be steamed, fried or even taken in your green salad. Kale can be flavored with different herbs to make it better and can be served as accompaniment for the main course.

3. Sulfur sources – great sources of sulfur include onions, spring onions and garlic. There are many ways to prepare garlic. It can be baked, baked or fried along with other foods. This increases the aroma and taste of food. Note that the smell of garlic can be a bit too strong for children, but not if you know some ways to disguise it. You can use it accompany other herbs like coriander.

SARDEN – These small fish are eaten intact. They promote heart health because their concentration of omega fatty acids 3. They are a source of rich vitamin D and thus promoting bone health. Canned sardines can be purchased in olive oil or temporary soybeans for weight observers, they can go for those packed in water.

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