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Network Marketing – Give something to help grow your business

People usually don’t like pitched and people don’t usually like to do pitching. Most people you approach with business opportunities will not really look for business opportunities. This is a statement that reflects my personal experience in network marketing.

People resistant to sales. People hate sale but they like to spend money. In network marketing the best way to make someone into a business opportunity is to give them something. When was the last time you issued a free sample at a grocery store, especially when you were hungry?

The way to get around that sounds a lump or approaches everyone you know who is possible or not motivated enough to pursue business opportunities, is to just give them free samples. People like whatever you are free. People will be more receptive and even if they are not interested, they will at least see it. In the end, more and more people who see your product will be the same as more people who will eventually join you in business.

People will not always chew a little to join business but they will open to check your product. Whether you are in health and health, legal prepaid, gold and silver, or other things that might be out there. I, personally, in the auction business cents and we have a great free sample to 500 free offers to try.

Most new people want to promote affiliates or business sides but I suggest leading with your product. If people like your product, then they will become customers who might order from you every month, give you residual income. The more people who become regular customers will eventually become a business partner. What do people have in business than someone who falls in love with the product?

So instead of focusing on pitching all business people, just promote products and offer free samples. There is also a good line there too. You must be responsible for providing free samples. Not everyone wants to go to business but if you are exposed to your product, they may be more likely to buy. After they buy, see if they want to continue the purchase and if yes, it’s time to throw a business opportunity!

If you lead with business opportunities, then you always have a backup into a product. If you lead with the product, then you have a business opportunity on the back! If you lead with business and then try throwing products, maybe find it as if now you just try to pawn the product after being told “no” for the first offer. Having a business opportunity at the back end puts you in a much stronger position and posture!

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