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Make computer technology available for mass

With fast expansion, and improvement in information technology, and the impact on all aspects of life, the need for computer literacy is no longer a choice, but a must. Even though the cost of technology has been made more competitive, many people whose income is closely tied to the cost of living of certain countries where they live, unable to buy a basic outdated computer system.

This clearly puts more than half the population of many countries at losses, and with the extension limits the types of developments that can occur. Many countries are forced to import human resources for full emptiness left by people who are uneducated and not informed, thereby reducing their citizens with less challenging work.

The school curriculum is designed by and facilitated by information technology, therefore children who do not have unlimited access suffer. Added to this dilemma is an illiterate parent, this inability divorces them from what they do, because they cannot play an active role in learning their children.

Computers and the use of related technologies have become a common place in all forms of communication in business and at home, unfortunately in some cases replacing human contact, but the subject will say that this is the highest price to be paid for development. When people are cut off from world communication where they live still small, limit their ability to imagine, explore or experience new opportunities and ideas. This type of termination returns progress, causing colonialization of technology and placing people in a position where they do not have control of the information they receive or how or when it is sent.

Pauperization technology that produces unfavorable groups does not have easy access to swallow information technology to increase inequality in a country’s social structure. Without the intervention of government programs and projects that will provide the community with resource centers, equip the necessary engines, where people can go to easily access information and technology, inequality and impoverishment by continuing to rule.

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