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Link Building through ‘How To’ Articles

Introduction to ‘How to’ Articles

Content is driving Internet Marketing now. Content is available in every conceivable subject and also getting updated as frequently as every day. Content may be classified as outbound and inbound based on their distribution and publishing modes.

‘How to’ Articles are articles that are created and posted online to help and guide people with tips, techniques, ideas and procedures to do something of their interest, profession, passion or activity. These ‘How to’ Articles are sought-after by people who are looking for guidance and help and hence, are essentially ‘In-bound’. Internet users search the web with phrases such as ‘How To Do SEO’, ‘Getting Started with Digital Marketing’, ‘How To Fix An Equipment’, ‘New Business Strategies 2021’ and so on.

Content Marketers use ‘How to’ Articles so effectively to lead readers and visitors to land on their webpages and thereby achieve their goals and objectives that may include Catalogue Downloads, Newsletter Sign Ups, Subscriptions, Online Sales, Email Enquiries, Phone Calls, Website Traffic Retention, etc. The use of backlinks as URLs or Anchor texts (Text or Image with Alt Text) serves a great deal to your SEO enabling a flood of visitors to land on your webpage.

Though very effective and useful, Buy Backlinks UK has to be properly done with ‘How To’ Articles through perfect planning and thought.

Types of ‘How to’ Articles

The types of ‘How to’ Articles may be classified as Starters, Enhancers and Problem Solvers.

‘Getting Started’ kind of ‘How to’ Articles help the novice users to understand the basics of a process with step-by-step guidelines. An article titled ‘Getting Started with Directory Submissions’ helps the users to understand what a Directory is, what Submission is all about and how to follow the procedures detailing the advantages of the process. A video explainer or an infographic may accompany these ‘How to’ Articles. This article type is Starter type and backlinks provided here have to be on such things as understanding web directory, power of submissions, advantages of Web Directory Listings, submit your URL, List your Business in the Local Directory and such types of URLs and Anchor Texts.

Enhancer types of ‘How To’ Articles help the users to improve their skills, knowledge and style, and help to accomplish the task at hand or finish a process hands down.

Problem Solver types are trouble shooting articles that help people stuck in middle of something and those having some technical glitches while doing something. These Articles contain ‘Help in times of trouble’ content to resolve users’ problems. Given their urgency and mood, any external web link a backlink is providing should have content that helps to ease the problem at hand and help to resolve the same.

Relevance of ‘How to’ Articles

If you want to target ‘lookalike’ or ‘identical’ audiences that your business or website is catering to, one thing you should carefully hold on to is ‘Relevance’. ‘Content Marketing’ or ‘Search Marketing’ is all about ‘Relevancy’.

The ‘How To’ Articles’ relativity to your webpage that you are backlinking is of paramount importance. Suppose a user is reading content about Home Gardening Tips, and is given a backlink to a webpage for ‘Office Furniture’, how irrelevant it is in spite of being in the furniture category? If, however, the backlinked page is about Garden Furniture, relevancy holds. It is as simple as that.

When it comes to Relevancy, it does not stop with just the user level. It goes up to the tabulation for Page Authority. The more the content relevancy, the higher the Page Authority the page receives.

Next is Context Relevancy. Content Context is about what the whole discussion revolves around. Coming to the Home Garden example, if the ‘How To’ Article talks about fixing a problem, the related backlink should lead to a website that helps resolve the problem or provide an alternate solution to the impending issue. Rather, if the backlinked URL webpage just has some content related to gardening but does not help resolve the issue or provide a solution, it is again irrelevant. For example, if the Article discussion center’s around fixing garden pipelines but the backlinking URL page shows garden lights and their glittering features, where is the connectivity and relativity? The relevancy is not limited to Content Relevancy alone. The relevancy of the website or the blog where the ‘How To’ Articles are published also matters a lot.

For the same Home Gardening article – if the article is published in medical journal or literary works website or blog (essentially created for the purpose) how can relevancy hold? The content is at tangent to the overall subject itself. The Perfect Link Building Services UK exercise from such non-related websites in spite of having content relevancy to the backlinked website or webpage does not offer any credence, value or benefit. But such an attempt will only devalue your website or blog. Google and other search engines will eventually de-recognize such backlinking and backlinked sites, and penalize them with poor scores and reduce their overall Domain Rating and Page Authority scores. Promoting backlinks from non-related webpage or content (article) is counterproductive and does more harm to your SEO scores rather than benefiting in some way.

On the contrary, if the relevance scores are good both with publishing sites and published content, your ranking prospects soar and so will your webpage’s Page Authority and naturally your Domain Authority. Your backlinking process may be natural, paid or mixed but relevancy holds high when it comes to backlink connectivity and SEO scores.

Use of Right Anchor Texts

Anchor Texts are conversion texts that prompt clicks to a URL link and bring traffic to a backlinked webpage. Commonplace URL link texts do not evoke interest and produce results that you expect or desire.

Anchor Texts should not be created but crafted in the sense that they should be drafted carefully. Anchor Texts are the invitations per se that call out and engage the users to click them that result in webpage visits. Anchor Texts which may be in the form of a URL link, a string of phrases or an image with Alt Text should reflect the right tone, context and purpose to generate a Call-To-Action thereby achieving its very own existence. If it is chosen to be a URL link, the URL should tell the user which type of webpage it is leading to. If a string of phrases is used in Anchor Text, the choice of words should be in such a way that they should stir up an interest of sorts and make the user feel benefited by clicking and checking the webpage. And, in the same way it must appear to present before the user with something that he has not seen or known before. The Anchor Text phrases should make the user come forward, click the text and find (what in his perspective) the unknown.

The Anchor Text of the backlink should be placed after a sequence of discussions on the topic and between the breaks in discussion passages. It is not that difficult to place in the strategically better part of the article. But, all it needs is only common sense.

The tone of the Anchor Text may be direct such as ‘Visit our Website’, or keyword embeds such as ‘Digital Marketing Strategies’, ‘SEO Tools in 2021’ or long sentences like ‘Advantages and Benefits of Content Marketing’, etc.

Anchor Text may be exact-match of the linking website, or a partial match by including a phrase or a keyword that is part of the backlinking page, or a brand name connecting to the brand’s website page naked URL or just the mention of the website URL, or generic such as ‘Click Here’ or an image with suitable Alt-Text.

The nature and composition of the Anchor Text should be succinct (short and brief), backlinked page relevant, sparsely filled keywords, and not generic. Multiple use of the same or similar Anchor Text and backlinking pages should be avoided to escape search engine penalties.

Backlinking to Right Pages:

Link relevancy talks about the relevancy of the webpage backlinked to the Anchor Text in the ‘How To ‘Article. Such backlinked pages should be governed more by naturalness rather than SEO goals. The Article’s topic should have more relevancy and commonality to the linking page content and context.

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