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Know all about SEO link building – the advantages, importance & techniques

Link building is the process of identifying websites in your niche market with similar content and linking back to your website. When it comes to SEO, it is one of the most important elements in helping websites rank in search engines. Most businesses practice link building but the strategies keep changing and this helps in gaining quick results. If businesses are unable to handle their SEO and link building activities to succeed in the niche market – they can always hire experts for the same. In fact, many businesses in the United Kingdom opt for the SEO packages offered by link building agencies. The SEO packages available in the United Kingdom can be reliable, efficient and effective!

Importance of Link Building

It is imperative to understand why link building can be important to search engines. The algorithm of search engines keeps changing. However, SEO backlinks would remain an important factor. The search engines make use of this factor to determine website ranking based on particular keywords. The presence of high quality links on a website signals to search engines that the website is trustworthy and is a quality resource. Hence, websites with high quality backlinks earn higher rankings! Here are some more pros:

Helps crawl your web pages easily: If you are aiming at rapid growth and good marketing, helping search engines to identify your website and pages would be the Best SEO link building Services UK strategy to adopt. If you have high quality internal and external links on your website, there are high chances of your website ranking higher on SERPs. Also, the indexing of the webpages becomes faster.

Helps determine search rankings: Helping search engines discover webpages can increase the traffic to your website and determine search ranking of a particular webpage.

SEO Link Building Techniques

Some websites make use of techniques that exploit the search engine algorithms. This is an unethical way of getting the website ranked higher and is known as ‘black-hat’ strategy. It might also include techniques like:

  • Buying links from various sources.
  • Showing different content to search engines when compared to the actual content on the website.
  • Adding hidden links on the website.

Such black-hat link building techniques can be problematic and might result in a website getting banned or penalised from search engines as they are not the genuine ways of building links. But you can always focus on ‘white-hat’ link building techniques; it would provide a great user experience. You can do the following:

  • Provide high quality content over the quantity
  • Create fresh, engaging content that would attract customers
  • Make sure of targeted and inbound links
  • Utilise targeted anchor text using the keywords you are targeting on the page
  • Make use of online directories

Benefits of SEO Backlinking

Increased Referral Traffic: If you have more backlinks to your website, more people can discover and reach out to you for what you offer. With backlinks, people who visit your website would click on organic links out of genuine interest. This can help in capturing leads and turning blog visitors into loyal customers. The website traffic of a particular niche becomes a targeted audience who might click on the suggested links to websites that might offer similar products or services they might be looking for

Increases Brand Awareness: Positive link building practices can help you establish your brand as an authority. If you publish valuable content that can generate links for your business, you can strengthen your brand as an expert in your niche market.

Helps in Building Relationships: Relationship building leads to visibility. Partnerships over the web can be a great source of traffic when two businesses offer related services. Link building campaigns help in creating new business relationships, even outside the benefits of SEO.

Resource Links and Long-term Directories: If you have high-quality links from reputable directories and other websites that are resourceful, it can help you in driving traffic to your website for a long time.

Increased Online Visibility: Websites and directories that belong to the same niche market offer businesses which can help in significantly increasing their online visibility. If a website is available in various places throughout the web, it would naturally increase the visibility in various ways. However, understanding link building would require you to understand how the search engines work. A search engine should provide relevant and high-quality information. It can be in the form of links to the websites that offer information, services or products. Such high-quality links can be more visible.

Link Buying

There are various methods of link buying. However, if you end up buying suspicious or spammy links, it would be against the search engine algorithms and guidelines.  Additionally, if the search engines identify the unethical practice, the links and your website might get removed from their search directory as a part of penalisation.

Unfortunately, many companies buy links and consider it as a shortcut to build links. Buying links can be very expensive. Also, the links you might purchase might be of low-quality. Most link sellers prefer implementing online payment methods prior to link purchase. At times, this can end up to be a scam where the seller offers links but actually ‘disappears’ post payment.

There are two paths for link building. One is the unethical way and the other is the merit-based way. Spam links would require less effort but would fail to build long-lasting links while merit-based links would last longer but are time-consuming to build. It is always a better idea to make use of resources that are easily available for improving your brand and business.

Search engines are constantly trying to identify and eliminate spammy links and the websites that promote such links. The link building methods implemented by your brand would depend on how effective the search engines are in detecting the spam links. It is always better to put in some effort and time to build high-quality and trustworthy links by sticking to the search engine’s rules and guidelines. If the search engines have dedicated bots to identify and eliminate spam links, the battle with spam can be easy to fight.

Most websites would think that link building requires very less effort or no effort at all. However, building links is naturally guaranteed to stay for a longer time. Link building can cause much frustration even to the SEO experts as spammy links and techniques keep growing day by day. Most of the content available on the web is average and some of it is of low quality. Malpractices like link buying or link spamming can contain such low-quality content and linking your website to low-quality content with spams might be a bad idea!

Unfortunately, many website owners sometimes turn desperate for links or website rankings and end up linking to spammy websites even without proper checking or analysis of the links. This could lead to a downfall of the website from the current rankings as well. If you need other websites to link back to you, practice the tactics such as guest posting, unlinked brand mentions etc. so that the link building is done in a proper way by following all the guidelines.

Many brands in the United Kingdom seek the help of link building agencies by selecting the SEO packages offered by them. The brands entrust these SEO link building agencies because of their good knowledge, expertise and contacts with authoritative brands that belong to the niche market. Doing this makes link building, especially white-hat link building practices, easier and much more effective.

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