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Information technology is fast, convenient and frightening!

Information technology, or it, as it is more commonly known, it seems technical, difficult and evolving. But in fact, it is simply information storage and recovery systems. Of course, there is a technical aspect that includes all nuts and computer bolts as well as design, development, installation and of course, the implementation of such systems, but as an end user, all this that we need to know is where and how to get this data.

I once heard a conference of a very wise old academic and he said that being intelligent is not to know everything. Being intelligent is to know where to get the information you need and, at that time, it was limited to reference books, deposit systems and other people who knew what you wanted to know. But nowadays, with the explosion of domestic computers, software and of course, the Internet, there is virtually no information that can not be acquired quickly and efficiently from our own finger functions.

The entire area of ​​information technology is vast beyond belief and has created thousands of jobs where jobs never existed. Many would be worth that, because of that, we have seen more losses in employment than gains, but I think, with major changes in the structure of employment, there will always be 2 steps to take a step forward until the transition is complete. With the implementation of it at the workplace, we are now seeing many more people seating in the office with computers and keyboards that we say we say people in the open pickaxes.

Despite all the advantages of information technology, it is disadvantages in that it is constantly evolving. Ok, then nothing still remains forever, but this technological era that we live is to change so fast that if you stay away from it for a few months, you can find yourself in a steep learning curve just to catch up where you are stopped. not long ago. Thoughtfully reflected a second. I went to spend a holiday of 3 weeks last year and when I returned to work, they had replaced the computers, the network and all the software I know so well. To be on vacation, we wanted to miss the training sessions and had to scratch emails, manuals and work colleges weighing in a very good way to get back to speed.

These ladies taking time for maternity leave often have the most difficult jobs adapting to workplace information technologies. Not only the systems and software likely to have changed or updated during their absence, but rehabilitation is all the more difficult as their minds often think of their young people at home without them for the first time since their birth. Even what is used to be classified as “unskilled” job now finds workers handling computers and peripherals to help work. Another problem is part-time workers because they have the most difficult time to follow the latest developments.

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