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How to track daily rankings online?

The higher the site position on the user’s request the bigger the chance of getting the expected number of views per day. Moreover, the user gets the most complete and relevant response to what they search for. It is clear enough that the first page of the search results attracts more than the second or third. And the first five places are of special attention. These particular sites get a large share of search traffic, especially if the request is commercial and not informational.

An SEO specialist usually works to ensure that the company’s website appears higher when searching. And to evaluate or measure the result of their work they need to monitor the position of the site. This will allow you to be aware of what is happening with the project on the Internet.

To do this, you just need to find a good rank tracking service. The choice can depend on many factors but there are several aspects that should be included in any app.

Tools a good service should provide

For example, a good position analysis service should primarily provide tools for working with search queries as everything starts with requests. Customers appreciate the ability not only to store semantics in the service but also to select search queries from various sources.

As for the interface solutions, here everything should be as convenient to use as possible and not cause discomfort while working. Grouping, sorting, and filtering keywords are basic features that should be present in any service.

In the test position, the platform should support all of the most popular search engines It also has to set regions for those search engines that support a regional search. And, of course, set the depth check. Not all clients need to scan the output up to 500 or even 1000 results. Usually, search optimizers are limited to a depth of 100.

There is another very important function in good monitoring services — data analysis by region. Yandex and Google pay much attention to the account of the region in the search results. When entering a geo-dependent query in the search bar, the user prefers to see answers from his region, rather than from other cities. Thus, it is necessary to specify the required search regions in the search engine settings. It is extremely needed for those projects in which data collection should be carried out concerning the region account.

It is also important to have different plans of rank tracking reports. Normally good services include several rank tracking options. One of the most efficient tools is monthly keyword rank tracker reports. They will help you to weekly analyze the market changes and be always able to correct the necessary details on time.

Keywords and their selection

In addition to working with positions, the services offer a separate block of work with keywords. If the keywords are chosen incorrectly — an overabundance, a lack, the wrong words, deliberate manipulation of the text — the search engine will not be able to correctly respond to the user’s query. Webmasters and search engine optimizers help search engines correctly answer users ‘ questions.

The correct selection of words, the distribution of pages, the writing of texts based on them — an event without which the search will not be able to search for documents by search queries. Here are some tips that will make working with keywords more effective.

Choose words from as many sources as possible. It can be Google Adwords, Webmaster Bing, Webmaster Mail, or Search Suggestions.

Collect your statistics from Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics. This is another very high-quality source of search queries. “Live” statistics, which should not be neglected.

Update your search query lists at least once a month. Updating the data is a very important factor. The formation of a limited set of keywords to promote a site only for specific keywords is much inferior to an expanded list of phrases and promotion for a wide semantic core of queries.

All these actions and the rank tracking system characteristics will help you to rank daily your site position and be aware of your weak sides if they exist. Just prepare your website content according to the tips above and find your perfect rank tracking platform. Check all the core aspects that are essential for your business and start ranking. The rank tracking services will manage all search queries and send you valuable statistics every accounting period.

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