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How To Start A Business In Nevada

Nevada is a great state to start business and you can rake in huge profits if you work hard. For you to legally start a business in this great state you need to follow the following steps:

Register a “Fictitious First Name”

According to Nevada laws, any business that operates under a name other than the legal name of the owner (s) should register the business name as a “fictitious firm name.”

To register the name you should visit the clerk’s office. To register a unique name, you should first do a business entity search. Here you should visit the Nevada Secretary of State website and search your business from the free online tool.

Obtain an EIN Number

The number is obtained from the internal revenue service and you get it by submitting the registration form to the department of taxation. The number allows your business to receive sales and use tax permit.

You should note that when filling the form you should provide the contact information of your business. You should also include the contact details of other owners or partners of the business.

You can submit the form online or you can deliver it in person at the department of taxation offices in Las Vegas. For you to get the number you are charged a fixed fee of $15.

Apply for the Nevada Business License

Before obtaining a local business license, businesses are required to first obtain a Nevada license. You can easily get the license through the Nevada secretary of state for an annual fee of $200.

When applying for the license you should include your business contact name, partner’s names, and if possible you should include the taxpayer identification number.

Apply for the Local Licenses and Permits

There are two main licenses that you can go for: regulatory and local business license. Depending on the nature of your business, you may be required to go for the regulatory license before you obtain the local business license.

A local business license is applied in only one jurisdiction; therefore, you should consider obtaining additional licenses if you are planning of operating in more than one area.

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