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Guidelines for designing custom signs that attract attention

Are you looking for signs for your home, gifts, or to advertise your business? Maybe you want to sign out that tells people something about your home or property, such as driving with caution due to construction or pedestrians at this time.

Regardless of your reasons, you want to sign up.

We have some tips that can help you get the attention you want from your special signs. Keep on reading to learn more about the design of the sign is made easy.

1. Contrast is key
When you design your sign, you need to make sure that the foreground stands out from the background. You do not want your picture message or unnoticed because you choose two colors that are too similar.

While such signs may be read from up close, no one will see them from far away or when they move quickly. Most people want their signs seen from the road, so take advantage of a contrasting color and tone.

Use a color wheel to help.

2. Use bright colors
Exceptions to utilize bright colors black and white color scheme that is striking, but except that, aim for something eyecatching.

Bright colors should not be fluorescent to pop. You can use bold colors like red, green, and orange.

Think about the colors you see on a normal road signs as you drive around. When you go to make the sign of the road, you want it to pop as much.

Tip: If you go the route of a road sign, deviating from the color with a clear meaning, such as red.

3. Consider lighting
Depending on the type of sign that you use there are several ways to illuminate your sign (or make it appear illuminated).

One is to add lighting. You can use neon to look cool and retro, or you can add lights overhead or underneath to put the spotlight on your mark.

If this is not feasible for a project you sign, make your light glossy or semi-reflective. You do not want to blind people who are driving, but the lights on the road will help make your mark shine.

4. Bigger is not always better
If you are a big business, a large sign, can become great. We all know about the signs McDonalds that tower over the trees so you can see as far as a mile before getting to the restaurant.

The benefits of a small sign, is that people should stop and see it. If the sign is outside your home or near your business, small marks can cause passersby to stop and check it out.

Weigh your options. Do you want more visible or more attractive? Are you looking for attention from a car or from people walking?

Are you looking for specific signs? Try these ideas
Special signs are a great way to draw attention to the house, yard, or your business. Whether you use it for decoration or advertising ideas creative signs this may be for you.

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