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Digital Marketing for Exporters

Digital Marketing applies for every business and can be used effectively for Export Business too. Digital Marketing for Exporters can be categorized into two sections:

  1. Marketing & Promotion
  2. How to enter International Markets

Let us see in detail how Digital Marketing can be effectively implemented in each of these two sections and advantageously used to bring about substantial gains in Export Marketing.

Marketing & Promotion

Your Company website should be the major means of promoting business with the potential overseas customers and your focus should be on strengthening your SEO.

You can get your buyers through the Digital Marketing efforts in multiple ways such as listing as an importer in the respective countries’ Importers’ Directories, National, Regional and Local Directories, Industry vertical Directories, New Business/Opportunity Websites/Portals, etc. Promote through all business directories and online platforms preferably on paid mode to get high visibility.

Doing Link Building Company UK for those countries keywords, Strategic Digital Ad Placements and Press Releases, Google PPC, Paid Memberships in relevant Top Directories, Strong Social Media presence, joining Social Media EXIM and Product Category Groups, Discussion Forums participation Eg. Quora, Stories Websites Eg. Your Story, Small Business Directories & Forums and Ecommerce websites.

You can use Google Display Ads to distribute your display ads on web portals, online news sites and popular apps in that country.

Strong presence in Social media particularly Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flicker, Pinterest, Snap Chat, Reddit. Each country may have its own popular media. Find the best methods to reach out to the domestic buyers through such platforms using creatives and content that connect with them.

Do as much as Link Building as possible in the country’s website, blogs and forums and also, Link Building Packages UK from Guest Blogging Sites, Niche Blogs, Articles sites, etc.

Digital Marketing Approaches

You may consider Digital Marketing in its three stages: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion; and Content Marketing in 3 Levels: Initiation, Introduction and Intensification.

As far as Market Entry Strategy is concerned, you may adopt the following approach: New Products to New Markets, New Products to Existing Markets, Existing Products to New Markets and Existing Products to Existing Markets.

You can have both Short Term and Long Term Marketing Strategy with specific Branding and Sales Goals through appropriate tools, methods and media according to your products’ classification such as B2C and B2B.

You can use keywords marketing with global, country specific, regional, niche, category, information, conversion, brand in both short tail and long tail keyword formats.

Measurement your digital marketing progress by checking your ROI periodically and take timely decisions. To this effect, consider each Product Class as an Individual Business Unit. Assess and review the performance of each Product Class every quarter, and check the possibility of achieving break-even as forecasted. Otherwise, re-align the marketing activities for faster and better results.

How to sell your Products Internationally?

Know your Target Market

Select your market (country) based on the need you perceive for your product in that market. To find the market potential for your products or services, use keyword analysis tools such as Google Adwords to check the Search Volume for your business categories and check the forecast of possible clicks and views for your business keywords. Overseas markets differ differently and even neighbouring countries may not be identical.

Know your Competitors’ Keywords

Find out who your competitors are from various internet sources and find out what keywords they are using Ahref competitor keywords and according realign your keyword marketing approaches. Your keyword research may also indicate to you how lucrative or poor that market is and you may even reconsider entering that market if the findings are not promising.

You may however check if your secondary products have demand in such a foreign territory. Sometimes, that market may sound good for your secondary products through the same keywords analysis process and check their market potential.

Know your Digital Marketing Costs

If you find great potential in a foreign market, do not plan a short term marketing program. Take a long term view and check if you can commit your resources for a long term.

How to enter International Markets

Drafting the Export Digital Marketing Plan

Export Digital Marketing Plan starts with finding Primary and Secondary Market Research sources. Next thing to do is to incorporate your findings and learnings into your Digital Marketing Strategy. Then, allocate all kinds of resources such as team and budget to their cut out tasks with time tables.

Include these constituents into your Export Digital Marketing Plan: Identification of Markets, Goals, Activities, Proposed ways of achieving goals, Required resources, Expected results, Determining ‘why to export’ and overall objective of entering a new market and Consideration of factors such as Spreading the Marketing Risk, Increasing the Profits, Increasing Production Volumes, Improving Brand Image and Lowering Unit Cost.

Company profile creation: Outline a brief history of your company and your key success factors in your home/domestic market.

Do an execution plan with budgeting: For creatives such as infographics, video, posters and banners, online advertisements, paid PR and resources for doing SEO.

Choose Targets: Detail key characteristics to choose them. Limit them to fewer markets as spreading resources to many markets will lead to lower returns on investment. Plan content and designs suitable to the market/s.

Outline the Market Entry Strategy: Inbound Marketing (Content Marketing, SEO) or Outbound Marketing (Google PPC, Paid PR, Google Display Network, Social Media Ads, Amazon Sponsored Ads)

International Market Entry models

Based on your Digital Marketing bandwidth, decide on the appropriate Market entry model.

Upscale: Stage-wise growth

Network Model: Relationships with independent actors

Born Global: They see the world as one market. Globalization from birth.

Factors to consider while deciding to make enter an International Market

     Well informed is well-armed. Consider all these key factors while creating and distributing your articles and ads: International laws, Your products’ complexity, Product differentiation advantage, Socio cultural attributes, Demand uncertainty, Market size & growth, Trade barriers, Intensity of competition, Number of relevant intermediaries, Internal Factors, External Factors, Transaction Specific Factors and Desired Mode (Characteristics / Local Preferences).

Selecting an International Market

Consider the following factors as a SWOT analysis.

–          Market Attractiveness

–          Competitive Strength in the proposed/planned markets

Market Attractiveness: Economic & political stability; Distance from home market (for travel and distribution/delivery); Psychic distance (similarity to the home market); Market demands/trends; Market size; Potential for market growth; Market profitability (check how present players are doing)

These insights will show you how the attributes of your Export Market differ from your Domestic Market so that it may necessitate just a few changes in your International Digital Marketing Mix. This will also enable to add maneuverability to your Digital Marketing Strategy and make it flexible to adapt to the ground realities.

Competitive Strength in the proposed/planned markets: Market share; Financial results; Access to distribution channels; Product fit; Country specific knowhow.

Firstly, the competitive information will help you to avoid disasters and failures, and second, prepare you to go with increased vigil and vigour.

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