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Create business systems to manage your time and priorities in your business

What is more important for you, time or money? Well, once you have spent your money, you can always earn more, but once you have spent your time, it has disappeared forever.

How to invest your time is one of the biggest keys in your business and your personal success. Have you really thought about how you use your time on a daily basis and how it could be used more efficiently and effectively? This is the first step in increasing the benefit of your business.

This comes to you, your priorities and your state of mind. It’s about looking at what you play in your business and ask what you can do to facilitate the end of the end.

Do you know how to reduce the time you spend in your business while increasing your income at the same time?

You could even say that it’s impossible, even financial suicide. But it’s actually the first thing to do if you want your business to grow and increase profitability.

To reduce the time you spend in your business, you need to consider your time an investment, that is, investing your time, rather than spending it. You must also understand that there is a rate of performance of the time you invest, as if you have invested $ 1,000 in shares, you will find yourself with a return on your investment. If your time was worth $ 100 an hour, and you invest 10 hours in your business every day, it’s an investment of $ 1,000 you should see a very good return on.

Planning and implementation of the goals at the front will allow you to use your time wisely and to ensure continued growth of you and your business. You should calculate your productivity as a percentage of the total time you spend in your business and spend more time on these activities that will increase your income and less time on other demanding and irrelevant tasks. So often, I have seen business owners doing things in their business that they should not do, but they continue to do them because they are comfortable doing it and they are familiar to them. They focus on what they know, instead of what they should do, but do not really want to do.

If you have already been guilty of this, so I urge you to ask you this question:

“Should I focus on 10% of my time on a task or someone else gives him 100% of their attention, even if that person is only half as good as me?

After all, which is easier – a 100% improvement in your own productivity or 5% improvement in your staff’s productivity. To get your business on the scene where it provides you with the lifestyle you want, you must be paid what you are worth. This means preventing your time from being wasted on low value tasks, but to create and develop a team that can run your business for you. To find out if you are paid what you are worth trying to try this simple exercise:

Calculate the total hours you work in your business every week
Note the amount you pay from your business every week and divide that through the total number of hours worked and this will give you your hourly rate.
Is what you expected? Is it even legal to pay someone many, who has all your knowledge and experience? Time is now to change. Make the effort to change what you do, stop doing low priority tasks, low value but needed – ask someone else to do them and invest your time in activities that will directly increase your income and Develop your business.

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