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Can She Have Multiple Orgasms? Good News For Men Who Want to Make Their Girl Very Happy!

In this article we are going to tackle the topic of multiple female orgasms. Now, it MAY in fact be a bit silly to discuss giving her multiple orgasms, when in fact, we’ve spent SO much time discussing that many women can’t even have ONE with their man. But the bottom line is BIOLOGY here, and your girl is most likely WELL wired to have multiple orgasm reasonably easily, and FAR faster than you might expect. Let’s a closer look below! Read on..:-)

The Good News First…..

Any woman who is able to achieve one orgasm can most likely, have many more shortly thereafter..:-) Is it easy? Well, this depends on YOU, and your girl! But the simple truth is that with a little bit of effort, erotic energy and ambition you CAN make it happen in a hurry!

What Helps Her Have Multiple Orgasms?

Easy! How comfortable she is, how much energy she has left, the techniques you are using and YOUR physical size and construction. Many women will simply be satisfied with one, and be HAPPY to fall asleep along with you. Others are JUST starting to rev UP their erotic engine with ONE, and want nothing more than for you to continue the carousel of sexy fun!

Are Multiple Orgasms Different Than One….or Simply the same Only More of Them?

Great question! There ARE in fact two separate types of multiple’s she can have – serial orgasms which are one after the other in very short time separation (only seconds) and what are referred to as sequential multiples, which are usually minutes apart, and the result of “new” or different stimulation.

Serial multiples are usually easier for larger men to accomplish, as they require that the woman remain in a state of continuous, heightened arousal for an AMAZINGLY long time. A sequential multiple are fun too…and are simply the byproduct of LOTS of work and attention!

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