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Blissing business and technologies

Many people say that the business leads technology while some people say that technology leads the business. It is really unknown that what is really responsible for what and I must say that the emergence of information technology has really made it even more complex. All people involved in the company as well as technology are really in dilemma that the theory is correct. However, I have different ideas. I think sometimes technology leads the business and sometimes the business leads technology. In fact, it is fair to say that the company and the technology are interdependent. I would like to prove the same with the help of this article.

Just think that when it was decided that each company should have a board of directors. I must say it’s really a very old practice. Even the ancient Romans also have this in their administration. I really think that indicates that technology has arrived after and, as a result, business need to lead to the evolution of technology. For example, the telegraph has become famous because of the Reuters. In actions, it was the world’s largest press agency that first used the telegraph for their work. There are many more examples.

The industrial revolution that led to a big change in the field of the company was lit because of the invention of the steam engine. It really made the world grow around the world around the world. This gives us the indication that technology has played an important role for companies to become global. In fact, technology is responsible for the globalization of the company.

But that does not mean that technology leads the company. Yes, you can say that technology increases the speed at which commercial activities are performed. But say that the company is motivated by technology is still not correct.

Let me explain you another side of this subject. You know why the telegraph has been discovered. Yes it happened because the business world needed that. The Reuters were the first to use the telegraph and they become the best in the world. Therefore, can we say that technology works like the cutting edge so that a company leads to each other? Yes it’s really the truth and this time, we are absolutely good. This is really the main thing about the relationship between technology and the company.

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