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7 reasons of school to conduct a feasibility study

Schools are considering starting the school division, such as the top school, middle school or lower school must conduct a feasibility study before continuing. Although schools may believe there is a market for additional values, objective analysis is very important to avoid trap and achieve the best results. The feasibility study will usually include the assessment of all or some of the following:

Internal and external markets, and competition
Real estate, including environmental and zoning issues, and geographical considerations
Financial feasibility, including startup and operational costs
Cultural considerations, such as the impact on existing culture and school communities
Operational feasibility consider the proposed new school location
Timeline for school formation
Marketing Plan
Some questions that need to be addressed are:

What are the requests among parents today and among the general public?
How many students will register?
What will prevent the family from registering?
What will result in trust in the new school division?
What is the response to the proposed new school?
What lecture level will be paid for parents?
What is the most effective strategy for student recruitment?
What is the important capacity to start and operate school?
What obstacles need to be overcome to achieve success?
What are strategic and financial support available to start and operate schools?
What kind of facilities are needed for school?
What assumptions and financial costs are to start and operate school?
A telephone survey is usually the best way to study internal and external markets. Market studies also need to include supply analysis and competition.

Zoning, construction and location issues are the main consideration for schools and need to be studied carefully. The unique requirements for school must be fully studied and understood.

Financial feasibility must be studied carefully and objectively. Easy for those who want a financial plan must cover startup and operational costs for the first five years.

Involving the current school community in the process is very important. The view of parents and teachers needs to be taken for consideration. Their support will be very important for successful expansion.

The addition of new schools will have significant operational implications, especially if new schools are located on campus that are different from existing schools. It is very important to consider and plan operational changes.

Assuming the recommendation of the feasibility study is to continue the project, the timeline for school formations must be prepared.

Effective marketing will be one of the most important parts of the project. Recruiting families and achieving registration goals will be very important for the success of the project and school.

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